Need to Sell Your Home? Considering Market Upgrades? As-Is?

Do you need to maximize your sales prices? Do you need your property to sell quickly?  Every situation is different and personal to you.  Once in awhile homes are sold As-Is.  But, in general, you will be leaving money on the table.  Ciana customizes her approach depending on the situation. Sometimes you can do just minor changes, but other times you need to do a major rennovation.

In the event you want/need to do a lot of improvements before sale, Ciana Wallace is Davis California’s Number 1 Refresh, Refurbish, and Rennovation Real Estate Agent.  Whether you need to do minor improvement or staging or a full remodel, Ciana has experience with numerous vendors and knows how to recommend the right vendor for the specific job.

Check out some of the properties that Ciana has transformed.  Just click on a photo link below to pull up a video.  It is no wonder that Ciana’s clients have told her she has done more work in one transaction than every other real estate agent combined.

In addition, be sure to listen to Ciana’s commentary on the renovations of 600 Radcliffe and 2538 Carravagio.