Home transformation! Learn what it takes to get your property ready for sale to maximize your return and minimize your investment.

When the sellers contacted Ciana to get this unique Davis rental property ready for leasing, it was immediately clear that it needed some work. Ciana used her knack for design to add the finishing touches this home needed.

Ciana used specific furniture placement and lighting to open up the uniquely shaped spaces in this Davis property. By adding cozy touches and colorful accents, Ciana made sure that the home would capture potential buyers’ attention.

Return on investment was huge on this house. It received multiple offers and with funds from the Refurbish and Renovate program, Ciana’s rates were completely affordable. You’ve loved living in your Davis home, but it’s time to let Ciana work her magic so it can move on to a new tenant. Give her a call today to set up an appraisal of your Davis rental property!