Davis, California is located in Yolo County in beautiful Northern California. Davis is a city built around the ideals of sustainability, community and innovation. The largest and most well-known institution in Davis is of course the University of California at Davis (UCD) that is located just a few blocks from downtown. College students are often seen studying at cafes and riding their bikes around the quiet streets. The nightlife is bustling, but due to the large number of young families in the area, far more subdued than in an average college town.

In the heart of downtown Davis are many boutique shops and delicious restaurants that pride themselves on making food with local ingredients. Since Davis is a college town, food and beverage prices are considerably lower than in places like San Francisco. From the Dumpling House to Pluto’s, there’s a restaurant to suit everyone’s interests. There are many places to sample delicious locally made beers and wines, many of which are brewed right at UC Davis!

Davis also boasts lots of open space reserved for beautiful green parks. Davis is a family friendly city, so parks are often bustling with children, particularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the Farmer’s Market in Central Park. The art scene is also quite prominent in Davis, with a monthly “Art About” hosted by the community-run Art Center, which features tours of the two dozen galleries in downtown.

Davis is also one of the fastest growing cities in California due to a constant influx of students and young families moving to the area. There are no high-rise apartment buildings, rather residents live in single family homes or smaller complexes. The skyline in Davis is made up of the beautiful redwoods that grow abundantly! The enormous amount of undergraduates looking for work means there is always a large pool of well qualified babysitters and nannies to help with kids during the day. Lower education is also wonderful in Davis, so it’s not just the University that receives glowing reviews! With multiple schools within Yolo County, young students have a myriad of opportunities to explore their passions and find a school that is right for them. Most homes are located within a walking or biking distance of the major middle and high schools.

Davis isn’t all just quaint homes and parks though; we’re also known for our commitment to sustainability and conservation. Many businesses and organizations located in Davis are constantly researching and experimenting with new ways to make our world greener and healthier. We also have a growing tech market, with several major companies relocating to the area in the recent years, drawn by the students graduating from the University’s amazing STEM programs.

Last but not least, Davis is just 11 miles from our nation’s capitol, Sacramento and a mere hour and half drive down to San Francisco. With such incredible cities just a short drive away, there is no shortage of fun to be had for families and students alike!